2016 Music Video Contest

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The 2016 Monika Jalili Music Video Contest

Call for Participation

We plan to award $6,000 in cash prizes.

Monika Jalili is a vocalist known throughout the world for her moving and heartfelt interpretations of songs of love from Iran. Monika has just released two new songs that can be interpreted in many ways and she needs your help and your talent to tell the story of these songs. Your talent and your perspective is essential. Our aim is to give you as much freedom as possible, but we do have a few rules we want you to follow.

Listen to the following songs on YouTube. Use the closed-caption setting to see the lyrics of the songs. Choose one of her songs to make a music video for. Create a music video you think best tells the story of that song. You can make a video for each of the songs if you want. You can submit as many entries as you have time and talent to create.


Leave, So I Can Stay

I Will Build You Again

Before you put a lot of effort into your music video. Please check the eligibility criteria below as well to make sure your entry form will be accepted.

Click the link on this page to go to the Entry Form and go to it alone or with your team. We can’t wait to see your work!!


Judges awards:

1st prize will be $3,000 USD

All entrants selected to be officially posted on YouTube by Monika Jalili will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

People’s Choice

1st Prize will be $1,000 USD

Eligibility and Rules

Can I enter? You must be at least 16 years old at the time of the awarding of the prize.  Anyone may submit an original music video created specifically for this contest.

Cost to enter? There is no cost to enter.

How many times can I enter? You may submit one or more videos for each of the songs. Each of your videos will be judged and be eligible for a prize independently of your other submissions. You may win more than one prize.

Length and format of music videos: Your video must be in a format suitable for YouTube and should be no more than 1 minute longer than the song that is the sound-track of the video. The music video must use one of the eligible songs as its soundtrack. No other audio may be used other than minor background sounds or sounds for artistic effect that do not change the lyrics or voice of Monika Jalili.

Ownership and License: You may not use any content that violates anyone else’s intellectual property rights. Violation of this will make your entry ineligible for a prize. The video you submit will remain your property. You will be granting a royalty-free worldwide license to a copy of the video for use by Monika Jalili on YouTube in perpetuity with attribution to you. You may include credits for the production of the video in your video and your credits will not be edited out. Your entry form and uploading of your music video to YouTube constitute a worldwide royalty-free license in perpetuity to Monika Jalili and you agree that your participation and submission of your video work product is completely voluntary and that you have been fairly compensated for your work.

How will the “People’s Choice” award be determined? The videos selected to be in the running on YouTube will be included in Monika Jalili’s YouTube channel. The videos will be ranked from the highest to lowest number of views, the highest to lowest percentage of thumbs-up “likes”, and the highest to lowest number of positive comments. For each video, we will add up the rank positions in each of those categories. The videos will then be ranked from highest score to lowest and the top prizes will be distributed based on that ranking. The decision and calculation will be made by the judges and posted here for all to see and evaluate.

How will I know my registration has been accepted? You will receive a welcome email confirming your registration in the contest. You are not eligible for a prize until your confirmation email has been sent out and your name appears in the list of contestants on this page. If you would like your name not to be listed, please provide an alias “username” and we will list you with that so that you’ll know you are eligible.

What if the contest is canceled? We reserve the right to cancel the contest if there are not enough submissions. If we cancel the contest, all eligible entries at the sole discretion of the judges, shall receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The contest shall not be canceled if there are 25 or more eligible entries.

2016 Schedule

Sep 15  Deadline to register for the contest.

Oct 14  Optional: Your storyboard or sketch of your idea should be emailed to contest@MonikaJalili.com if you would like feedback on it.

Nov 15 Your music video should be uploaded to YouTube and the link to it should be sent to contest@MonikaJalili.com — you may upload your video anytime before this date and start your popularity outreach.

Dec 1 Judges awards will be posted here and winners will be announced.  A press release will include the names of the winners.

December 15 People’s choice awards will be determined based on the views and ratings of the videos on YouTube.


  • Monika Jalili
  • Granit Limani, CEO of EnterMedia
  • Barbara Hammel
  • Brian Higgins

Registered Film Makers

Your name should appear here after April 30th if you have registered for the contest. Contact us if you don’t see your name (or username) here. Your last name is truncated for privacy.


  1. Chelsea Lau…
  2. Faiz Latt…
  3. Sydney Bona..

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