Toronto Concert on Sunday November 8, 2009

Young and old, Iranian or not, if you love music or are ready to love beautiful music, come hear this magnificent performance of favorites like Jaan-e Maryam, Soltan-e Ghalbha, Gol-e Sangam, Ay Rilikh and more. Presented by Chehreha Social, this long-awaited concert in Toronto promises to touch your soul. Come hear Monika accompanied on violin by Megan Gould, on oud by Mavrothi Kontanis, on percussion by Shane Shanahan, on guitar by Zeb Gould, and on cello by Yoed Nir.

At the Isabel Bader Theatre, promptly at 8.15pm

Tickets, see
Buy in person at Pars Video on Yonge Street
for IAUT members, through Iranian Association of the University of Toronto
Seniors age 55+ please contact Chehreha Social for special pricing by calling 416-577-1808

Students, thanks to an anonymous donor, we are pleased to be able to offer a 50% discount on any ticket category. Contact to get your tickets.

Monika Jalili’s goal is to expose the global music audience at large to the beauty of Iranian poetry and music by presenting a slice of non-classical music of Iran that is rarely heard by non-Iranians. The selected songs and arrangements are interpreted by a Western ear and accessible to a wide audience. To that end, she requests that when possible, Iranians coming to the concert please proudly invite a friend or neighbor to join them to hear this beautiful music.

Hear samples below on this website. Or, go to one of the following:

iTunes and search for “Monika Jalili”
or visit and search for “Monika Jalili”
or visit


  • Hi there,just come accross your performance through the radio farda and i was very impressed by that so would like to thankyou for your effort and interest,welldown I would rather to listen to your songs than so many others iranian singer’s. many thanks you just reminds me one of the famous iranian singer Pari Zangeneh. SAD AFARIN BAR TO MONIKA.

  • You’re a product of Meting Pot in this country! I heard you this morning from radio Farda and I was impressed with your talent. Perhaps, you must be one of the Persian scholars who’s been reincarnated into the present. Otherwise, how could one does what you do? Love.

  • I hardly listen to persian music, when I heard you singing persian folk with your music and arrangment I fell in love with persian folk music. I have heard these song before from many other Iranian singers, but when I listen to you singing I thouth how the same song and music could be so different. I realy love your work and appreciate your all your efforts.

    Beautiful job.

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